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Social dancing is when two people, both of which are in a relationship or with children, take a break from their traditional social roles and socialize with others. Sometimes dance becomes a common expression in the household and an important aspect of socializing. If the dancing is not going on, it can also be a time when parents need time alone in their own homes to heal their relationship or children have lost the need to interact socially.

Is dance bad for kids?

The idea that dancing is harmful to children is a myth. As dancing is a way many parents go about everyday life they have less time for other activities that can have negative effects.

There are many good reasons why dancing is beneficial to children which are many and many different from just a bad habit.

For example, most children learn to read and communicate, understand their surroundings and engage in social interactions. Children learn to be independent, self-directed and do not have a defined path to follow. It is hard for kids to learn from other children, and they need constant reinforcement to develop this skill.

Studies suggest an association between bad behavior at home and poor academic performance in children and adolescents. The association between bad relationships with peers and child mental health problems also exists.
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Dancing may be a tool that helps parents make social connections with others they would not otherwise, because it is something both parents and grandparents love to do.

For parents, however, it seems that this can easily turn into a bad habit. If all you want to do is have fun and make friends, then dance is not an activity that may be good for you, but it also shouldn’t be avoided completely.

How do I dance around my kids?

Although it is easy to say, do not do this, do it, do it, do it, and do it some more, it all depends on where you live.

If you are a large metropolitan city, you will most likely not want to do this because your children need to interact with the outside world, not other parents.

If your child’s school is small and rural, this should not be a concern. In these communities, there may also be a social environment which discourages social dancing.

If you live in a less developed country, like a rural country or in a small town, there may be an important difference between social dancing and other activities your family does.

Most countries have dance societies, clubs or public events which are open

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