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I have a dance partner I’m dancing with – who else but a stranger?” – said my wife.

“Is everyone here a stranger?”

I told her yes, it was a club, it was a dance.

She sat back in her chair and I did not.

“It is like being hit on the head at football on the way home. You’d rather it not happened, right?”

It is a funny concept and sometimes it seems to be a social thing. I’m in that social dancing mood now.

When we walk back home after a night out, I look at pictures of the dancers on our house’s wall. It is a happy moment to me, the joy of sharing the dance.

‘Why is social dancing on the rise?’ asked our neighbour, who was having a drink on her porch when reading about it.

‘Why don’t we stay in our own houses, with friends and not be social dancing in strangers and make sure everything is OK? This is really going to make a difference for our kids’ lives.’

Cheryl Burke – NBC’s 2015 New York Summer Press Day
In England, only in the last seven years have more people danced in a nightclub.

Our neighbours were right. I found social dancing strange at first but that was only really when I thought about it. We wanted them dancing because it was fun, but now, at the age of 27, we see a bigger, stranger world of dance dancing and wonder why this has changed. I still feel insecure about social dancing in some instances because it can feel dangerous.

There are risks in social dancing too, I said to my wife when she told me about it. “What if a drunk girl says ‘you dance my cousin, you dance my cousin’?”

She nodded, but said it was not that dangerous. We are a safe community, she said; we do not have a problem with people getting drunk in pubs or clubs.

“Then why do people want to get more drunk?” I replied.

“Because it’s fun, it’s the most fun thing you can do in the world,” she said.

What makes it dangerous?

I asked my wife what makes it dangerous, she replied that dancing was a different experience and we have a culture of drinking at home.

Dance is a ‘social’ dancing activity where your party mates and your family are all dancing together.

The danger is when people dance with no other people in sight, but

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