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This is a guest post by Michael Mello. Michael wrote the initial draft of this post.

While many will say it’s no big deal, you really ought to change your email passwords and set up two-factor authentication. Even if you don’t have to change anything immediately, it will certainly improve the security of your web-based email account and other online accounts. But even if you don’t have an email or two-factor authentication solution, don’t let it stop you from taking care of your online accounts!

The next time someone steals your email or account, they won’t be able to log into your accounts by using your own passwords.

Now I could go on and on, but I’ll have to wait for another time. Now I’ll say it. Don’t bother trying to get around things like two-factor authentication and changing your passwords, just change them and move on!

Change your email passwords right away and change them often

Most people keep their account passwords a secret—it’s not like they have a bank card! Plus, unless they use two-factor authentication on every site—which is rare—the chances of a potential thief getting access are very low.

I don’t mean to be harsh. I know a little about this stuff and know that change-password habits, especially when it goes beyond changing email passwords, hurt the security of the online world.

Plus, changing your email address can have the same effect. If your email is hacked, you don’t even have to change your password. The thief can just look up your account on a site which has that same name.

So, if you’re at all concerned about security, change your passwords and make sure you use a strong password that you know someone is going to find hard to guess. But don’t take any unnecessary risks! Remember, there’s no danger in trying to change your password and forgetting to change it at least a few times. If you can remember it for a month (or even a week), then keep it.

2FA or Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can save you hassle, but it’s still a lot of hassle. When it comes to your login/logout options on sites, it’s definitely not worth your trouble. So just change your existing account passwords or, if you really are afraid of someone getting access, setup a two-factor authentication system on your computer or smartphone.

But why not just use two

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