What is the importance of social dance? – Social Dance Curriculum

What is the value of music as a medium for social interaction? What does it mean to dance with the same intention that you have for everything?

“This is a very interesting book, because it goes on the opposite direction from what we do: ‘What is the value of music as a medium for social interaction?’ What is the value of social dancing to people? You ask yourself: ‘what are the values of all these activities that we have been practicing for our cultures?’ I would say they’re mostly values for our societies, like ‘we have to support one other, to work, to produce, so we can provide for our lives.’ We don’t know for sure what values and what are the values of the dance, but certainly, social dance is more valuable in its own right than music for that particular reason. Asking the right questions is how you go about making decisions in the world.

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