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A: We are interested in the history of the dance. The origins of this dance have been recorded in different places. The dance originated in Germany in the 8th-9th century with dances of the German nobleman or noblewomen. The dances were known as kleine Schrifchen and they were danced during festivals. This dance developed into the dance of the German knights. There were several dances that were similar. However, the knights danced in more complex rhythms. The dances in the 13th to 16th centuries were the dance called “Schrifches Dance” (“Dancing of knights”), which was introduced by the nobles between 13th and 13th century, and which made the dance popular. During that time, the dance became a part of the national customs, which had a strong influence on German people. In the early 15th century, the dance became an important part of the church dances and became common to all the churches in Germany. In fact, during the church dances, the Schrifchaft was a prominent part of the dance.
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B: Why did the dance develop in different places?

A: It took a long time, the dance has developed and developed in various places. According to some historians, the original kleine Schrifchen originated in 13th century Bavaria. The first known dance of “Schrifchen” in Bavarian is known as Räisler (Bavarian Dance) in 1327. Since that time several dances developed and the dance of the noblemen developed slowly. The dance of the Knights was started by the great Austrian Prince Franz II and the second dance of “Schrifchen” has been organized in 1430 by Prince Franz V of Prussia. After that, the dance of the Knights became a part of the customs and ceremonies of the German nobility. However, it does not depend on the nationality. The dancers of the Knights are people from all over Germany, from the towns and cities. After 1430, the dance of the knights entered into the national customs and developed rapidly. At that time, the dance became a part of the national rituals of all the German tribes. In 1526, the Duke of Alton formed a dancing society in Vienna. After that the dance was already a recognized part of the national dance of Austria in 1529.

B: Is the original dancer of the dance a German national hero or a foreigner from Austria?

A: To answer this question, the origin of the dance has

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