What is the meaning of social dances?

If there is no understanding of social dances, it isn’t fair to dance? I’m sorry, social dancing can be the most amazing part of dancing class, but if you didn’t get it, this is why.

The next video goes into detail on social dancing. This video is an awesome guide on how to practice dances or to dance to some of your favorite songs. It helps with understanding how to dance, so don’t get caught up in the dance terminology.

I hope you have enjoyed this video series – I have a lot more! And stay tuned for an updated version!


A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from the National Suicide Prevention Hotline asking me to contact them about my daughter, Hannah. The message was disturbing: According to Hannah’s mother, her daughter had recently been involved in suicidal thoughts and a recent meeting with a therapist had produced little results.

The message further advised that while therapy may help to alleviate her symptoms, her suicidal ideation had worsened and might be the result of depression.

I was flabbergasted. I can’t imagine having to explain to that mom what is so special about what I have been doing to help my daughter. She may be perfectly normal, but she didn’t just suddenly become depressed or suicidal. I’d been working hard on teaching her about mental health and prevention for more than three years. She started her own non-profit organization because she’s the only one in her family who has had significant mental health issues. I can’t imagine dealing with this message, even as you struggle to stay afloat as a single mom and mother.

On a recent Friday afternoon, we headed out to a nearby shopping mall for groceries. Her oldest son, Jacob, arrived home quickly from school. The two of them were dressed casually in sweats and flip dresses but the mood was light. I wanted to ask how her family had been.

“The kids are fine,” she smiled, her son walking with a heavy limp.

Hannah’s mom spoke of meeting with a therapist and, after consulting with a psychologist, a psychiatrist. “He said he had a tough day but it’s not so much about having problems. It’s just about getting the family together and getting it


After a few weeks, Hannah had settled a bit into a new routine in the house. She came out of her room at night, dressed casually for a visit from the babysitter. She walked through the house, looking for