Which dance is most popular? – History Of Social Dances Ppt Templates


The biggest dance in the city?

Bobby Flay

Michigan Nurse - Michigan Nurses Association
What’s popular on the dance floor after 5?


When will it be the most raucous?


What’s on the new dance floor?

A few of the many people working in the dance hall

What’s the most fun part of working here?

The camaraderie

How does the staff do the show?

The show has a new dance floor to the show

What is something special about working here?

Waking up the day after a major event and dancing at 3am

What was the last thing you sang to your favorite artist?

That’s an all time favorite, Gwen Stefani

What’s your favorite thing about The Roxy?

The people, the experience, the energy.

Why did you come to work at The Roxy?

This space has changed so much from the first time I worked there. For me, the most important aspect is, “How can I work with people who are not like me and who can challenge my views on life? The people, the experience, the energy.” It all starts with the owner, the dancefloor.

How do you feel about The Roxy as an industry and what can we as a community do to make it better?

It’s changing. More artists are opening their dance floors, more shows are happening, more people are showing up. I think that it’s about more than a new dance floor. It’s about a community and more people learning to get up there and dance and learn to be together more. The Roxy has a lot of young, talented people who are really working hard to learn all the information about the space. That makes the room a lot more beautiful! They are working with people who are doing amazing work, and they love it and they love what the space represents. In my case: I have a lot of really awesome friends. It’s a great space where all people can show passion for their work and that’s why it has a special place for me.

What’s your favorite new experience at The Roxy?

My favorite part is seeing everyone I meet. I have seen a lot of people at The Roxy, and I don’t know what a lot of people think of it. But there are also really nice

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