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No, you don’t want me to say it. Not anymore, since there’s now an entire new field of dance-based hip hop production.

But seriously: If you’ve been watching hip hop lately, chances are you know who Macklemore is. He’s not the biggest name in hip hop, but he’s a pretty good rapper and producer, and I’m pretty sure you’re pretty sure he’s the best. So what’s wrong with you?


First off: he’s not the only person on earth capable of producing. So Macklemore is actually not the best hip hop artist on earth. Instead, the best hip hop artist in the world is Macklemore or any good rapper like him. Second, there are three kinds of hip hop production:

The Bad. This is the production produced by the biggest rapper on earth, and you know who does this kind of stuff best? Macklemore. The RnB beats. This is produced by the best rapper on earth and other rappers, and it’s the kind of production that you find in The Weeknd’s songs and other rap artists’ songs. The RnB beats are produced with other people, but the other musicians are still the best. The Best. This is what Macklemore makes. He is the best hip hop artist on earth—even if he has a rap sheet from “the nitty-gritty stuff” to do this. If you’re looking at the good stuff, make sure you’re looking at The Weeknd or one of his contemporaries.


So if you want to see the best hip hop producer in the world, watch The Weeknd.

2. That album is the best hip hop album of all time

Yes, it is. If you’re looking for the best of hip hop in one single place, listen to The Weeknd’s latest album, The Hills. Yes, there’s plenty of new stuff here, with new collaborators and fresh beats from the likes of Timbaland and Rick Ross, but what makes it the best hip hop album of all time is how it is a testament to the timeless quality of hip hop beats. As we all know, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are not just a talented duo. They’re an artist who has a knack for creating songs that sound timeless in their simplicity. I believe a few facts:
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The Hills is the best rap album ever

No other album, to my knowledge,

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