Why is Dance important in our life? – Social Dance Examples

Dance is important and we are here to bring dance to everyone regardless they are new or new to the sport or even having an interest in a part of dance from the traditional side.

Why is the event important?

We are in the middle of a major dance renaissance that will begin in the next twelve months and is already affecting our communities to the fullest, with a lot of great art, and people are coming together to experience the culture. Dance is just one aspect of it, so this will be a chance to meet and see people all over the world with similar interests. The event will have music, art gallery, and seminars by many artists. We will have a meet up in the gym area with classes and a dance group to make it a fun evening.

Is there a minimum attendance?

Of course! At the moment the minimum is 10 people but we would love to see other ideas and events to get more people involved in the event. The more people we get on board the better the turnout will be. The better we are able to find people the more fun it will be. This is a great way to meet people and learn about each other’s interests and how to get involved.

Do I need a ticket, or just attend?

In general we have 2 different fees:

1 ticket: $60.00

2 tickets: $90.00

Our minimum entry cost per person is $10 but we do not want to put anyone in the red in the event. We have a mix of different age groups so there is no limit to the number of people. We are also working on different ways to get people into the venue for the meet up and get them out of our venue so that the meet up will be more of an evening event.

What are Dance Classes?

We have several Dance classes coming, such as:

• Advanced: 1-3 hours of dance fundamentals

• Intermediate: 2-4 hours of dance fundamentals

• Basic: 1 hour of dance fundamentals

• Beginner: 0-5 hours of dance fundamentals

• Intermediate-Advanced: 0-4 hours of dance fundamentals

• Beginner-Beginner: 0-3 hours of dance fundamentals

• Advanced-Beginner: 0-3 hours of dance fundamentals

• Beginner-Advanced-Beginner: 0-3 hours of dance fundamentals

These classes run for 2 to 7 hours and are

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