Why is dancing important?

Is it a religious practice? How much of it is cultural, and how much is genetic? And what is it really like to be a dancer?

Dancing has been a popular topic in the last few decades, with many different explanations given for its origin. However, the main theories in popular culture tend to be:

God and angels made it.

It was the result of dancing on the moon.

A dancer was born with a spirit and therefore God brought it.

The dancer was created by God and thus can change his or her dance to make it perfect.

Or the dancer is a magical person.

It’s really complicated! So far, some of these explanations have been supported by research, some have not.

Mostly we just don’t know who invented dancing, why they did so, or what it is all about.

Here we will look at the basics of dancing, from its origins, to its use in dance, with the hopes it will help shed some light on this topic.

When did it appear in the Bible?

The biblical idea on dance dates back to when God showed some interest in human creativity – He even commanded Joshua to have a dance for his son, Amnon. Since then, it’s not exactly known where or when this first dance came into being.

However, researchers think it’s between 700 BC and 400 BC, with scholars now saying it is about 4,500 years old.

According to the Jewish historian Josephus Flavius, it was around this time that “a Jewish courtesan was hired by Dionysius, a Greek, to have a dance with him.” This courtesan, Flavias, was a “dancer that performed in the court and was known to have a great appetite” – a great interest and an impressive style!

The Jews would have had many dances as an expression of the love between man and woman.

Why is dancing important?

Many have tried to explain this ancient dance and others are even trying to explain it for modern people. What’s interesting is that when a new form of dancing was discovered or a new dance style was invented, it was quickly banned.

Because it’s so new, new, it’s hard to get people using it (especially when they don’t know what it means).

Dancing is much more than just a physical activity and can include many different aspects like:

Bodice twitches