Why is it important for students to know social dance? – Social Dancing Near Me

At the dance studio we teach dancing in the open air. We are in a beautiful village (Kölner Kirche), but unfortunately the area is quite isolated from the major cities. Students have to go from place to place to attend the lessons. We provide the students with the opportunity to practice themselves. It is possible that they may change the way they dance after their first classes. In addition to music there are also social dancing lessons and dance dance parties.
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What is the difference between a social dance lesson and a dance dance party?

The social dance lesson consists of 1 – 2 dance parties which do not include live music and have an objective. We encourage dancing together. It is also possible to participate in the dance dance parties.

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Eine kleine Stadt (Kölner Kirche)

Hausbruchstr. 6

5102 Kreuzberg

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Eine Gruppe Haus

Altermannstrasse 11

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Tel: (0) 6221-1635

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