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The waltz is an ancient rhythm which has long been used in all kinds of dances. However its importance and significance began the Roman age in the 10th century BC. While in the east the waltz became more widespread to become one of the major dances in Greece and in Rome, in the West it became more popular in the 15th century. However the waltz had not been as popular in the West as it had been in eastern countries. A waltz, as in many parts of the world before the 19th century, was a simple dance of one person taking up the notes of a large tune, for two or sometimes three people. The basic form of the waltz, however, changed in time. From the medieval to the modern period, the number of participants increased and the number of parts of the waltz varied. However its basic form remained the same. Today the waltz is more complex, but the basic form is the same: the two or sometimes three dancers perform three different parts, a dance called the “waltz” which is usually played in three ways: traditional 3/4 speed or faster, slow 1/2 speed or faster, and the modern version which is slower and faster. The different times of day, the different positions, and the time of night determine the music and rhythm of the waltz, but the melody remains the same. The waltz has different forms as well. In the Middle Low European period the waltz was a fast dance, but it did not seem to have much depth. In the 14th century, however, the waltz was a popular form of the Greek dance, the kazantos . It was not until the 16th century that the waltz became popular. The first waltz in the Middle Low European area was written about a century and a half ago. This is a German folk dance, popular mainly with women. The waltz was not popular in Germany during the 1800’s. When women started getting more serious about the development of their dance, however, the dance and the waltz became more popular in Germany. This happened partly because the waltz became a popular form, but also because women realized they had the strength to play an integral part in the development of dance. Although the waltz was the first waltz to be popular in Europe, it has been popular in different countries throughout the world, not only in Germany. What is the history of the w
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