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Should I get a “no tattoos” or “yes tattoos?” or some type of general “I’m out?” type of inquiry? Is there any religious basis for a “no-tattoos” or “no-yes” form of inquiry? Can I ask someone a question “is he or she Muslim?” If not, what religion is that person supposed to be? Is the person an Islamic convert? Does the person have no tattoos and if there were, is that a problem?

A) There is nothing wrong with asking anyone about their religion. If the person refuses to answer, you are not to be offended unless they decide to disclose their religion later on.

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B) Some people are offended, and have been so offended, that they don’t want to answer. I don’t think it is wise to try to shame or insult someone who tells you they are not religion, for that is not how they feel.

C) In Muslim countries where there is some form of blasphemy law against tattoos, there is a special type of interrogation with the police. The police may or may not ask you questions about tattoos, however they may not even allow you to have your picture taken and to answer such questions in private. So don’t be offended if they don’t let you do anything without going before a judge or a magistrate so that you can be punished.

D) If the person you are asking can’t talk to you, then they are probably Muslim. If they are, then they must be very close to their religion or have something against tattoos. They must have made a choice of religious belief or not.

Q) If I say I don’t want to tattoo anyone because they will draw a lot of attention to my face, will police or other security force ever show up at my place to arrest me?

A) I am not sure it is wise to tell police or any other security force that someone does not like tattoos because the person might have an actual problem with tattoos, but they won’t do them anyway. But if they know you have an ink allergy, they will certainly get it checked out and it will probably be covered by a piece of gauze or a rubber band. You will then have an excuse to come and ask them again. If they want you to sign a waiver, then you should sign that.

Q) I am very religious and have an extremely well defined religion that I follow. Now that I understand some basic Qur’anic and Christian principles,

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