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It is considered a tradition, but the Islamic law is saying, no.

When is the first time that you ever had a tattoo?

Maybe when I used to have them myself?

Do you have any tips to share about how to prepare your tattoo?

I love learning new techniques and finding a solution to my problem. And you need to follow the rule of ‘Allah.’ I know many of you don’t and probably don’t like that, but in reality, it is the best kind of advice I have ever heard.

You mentioned that your husband loves the tattoo, and I heard you say that your family is very friendly towards you and doesn’t judge you for having tattoos. So what’s the reason behind your choice of body art?

My husband is so fond of me and I have to make him happy. If he has a tattoo it means he wants to be with me. And then we have to be prepared, and that’s the hardest thing of them all.

What would you say is your favourite thing about being female?

I love women. I know that there is a lot of stuff to like about being male, but I love being a woman.

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