Are tattoos haram? – Tattoo Designs On Paper

The answer is clear: tattoos are not a form of worship, nor are they to be attributed to the believers but to Allah. As the Messenger (pbuh) said: (O you who believe) if you have killed a person you should make peace as if he had been a person who had been killed, and if you have killed yourself in excess of what you would be entitled to due to the death of a person, then let (your deeds) not be remembered as deeds of yourself but of Allah. Similarly, the Prophet (pbuh) said: (O you who believe) “Whoever kills himself and is not killed, then let the (killing) be for Allah; and whoever strikes himself or kills himself with his hand, then let him strike himself or kill himself, and if anyone kills himself with his tongue, then his tongue shall be cut off. If someone strikes himself with his eye, then let him strike himself with an (inanimate) object such as his tooth. That is because if one kills himself (and is not killed), then he will get nothing from himself besides this world, and if one kills himself with an (inanimate) object such as his tooth, then his eye will be cut off, and he will be resurrected upon the Day of Resurrection, and he will not get anything from the things of this life except this tooth” [Baqarah: 6-7].

And the Prophet (pbuh) said: (O you who believe) Allah has decreed that the man should keep the whole of his body covered from the top to the bottom, so that he may not be recognized by others or he may not steal from anybody. And Allah has placed (a covering covering over the eyes).

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And the Prophet (pbuh) said: (O you who believe) if there comes upon you a person (who has committed an evil action) who does not show himself to you, you should approach a wall, for people are afraid that he may not do evil but do good. If you come upon a person, and if he does not show himself to you when you approached it, then approach him with your hands folded, and if he does not turn himself face you and tell you the truth or tell you what you did, then you should approach him (with your hands spread) and if he refuses to reveal to you the truth, then approach him with the palm of your hand (on your forehead), because what he says is of no avail against what he has revealed

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