Are tattoos unhealthy? – Cute Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas

While tattoos are not necessarily unhealthy, many people report that they feel that they should avoid them because they make their bodies look ugly and make them appear unprofessional. But is the reason for this true? Is tattooing inherently a negative experience?

There is no single answer to this question. For many people it’s simply a matter of personal preference, so many people enjoy tattoos and they don’t want them on their body, but what makes a tattoo unhealthy? Here are 10 reasons tattoos might be considered unhealthy:

1. Tattoos are permanent

Some people feel ashamed to have an “unfit” body, and so they want their body to remain the way it is. If they don’t have to face life every day, they feel like it’s okay if something is imperfect. But why would this be any better if it is permanent? What good are things if you get them from an untrained artist?

2. Tattoos give people unrealistic expectations

Some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to how their bodies are supposed to look. If they want perfect skin and no freckles or scars the way it is, why would they spend many thousands of dollars and many months of their lives creating a perfectly finished art piece?

3. Tattooing has a negative impact on health

A few studies have shown that tattooing can cause a host of health problems, including depression, self-harm, poor self-esteem, poor sleep, increased stress and even mental illness.

4. There are no guarantees

When someone has a tattoo, they are completely at the mercy of the artist. Many people are uncomfortable making their body feel this way because there are a lot of unknowns to take into consideration before they put on the tattoo. Most tattooing programs recommend a minimum three-month waiting period, but this varies depending on the instructor.

5. You get what you pay for

Tattoos are cheap. How many times have you had people come in to ask you “how much you would get for this?” No one wants to worry about how much money they will spend on their body so they won’t be tempted to “splurge.” Most tattoo artists will tell you that the cost of their work is based on your specific body type and the amount you would have to spend.

6. Tattooing is often done without proper supervision

As tattooing requires a lot of skill and is usually done without permission, it is important

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