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When a priest remarries, he and his spouse are automatically excommunicated from the priesthood and from the Order.

Can a divorced Catholic remarry with his (or her) consent?

If divorce is not annulled by a priest or priestly minister, a divorced Catholic may marry again. He or she will then be excommunicated if the excommunication is reinstated by a second priest after a three-year period.

Can a divorced priest marry again?

This is a serious question because such a union can only take place with the consent of both partners. Otherwise a priest can only marry a second time if the first attempt fails.

Catholic theologian Father Philip Schaffner says, “The Church does not approve of a pastor or pastor-in-training to solemnize a second marriage.”

There are many cases in which a pastor who is married to a divorced divorcee might officiate at a new marriage.

Can a divorced Catholic remarry without the consent of his or her spouse?

A divorced non-Catholic may marry again if he or she is willing to do so. The excommunication caused by the second marriage is still valid.

Can a divorced divorced priest remarry?

Yes. To remarry a divorced priest, he or she must first renounce all worldly goods. Afterwards he or she must be baptized by a priest with a priestly ministry. After a three-year period of penance, the sacrament of penance is then said and the couple is returned to communion. Then, after the second marriage ends, they are officially considered divorced. They can then have a second or additional marriage with another priest. The Church allows third and subsequent marriages.

Is an excommunicated Catholic bound to make a second marriage? The answer is no. First, there is a grave sin caused by the first marriage. Second, the second marriage is the cause of the excommunication. A priest is still obligated to bless and give absolution for this second marriage, even before any blessing or an ordination.

Is an excommunicated divorced Catholic able to perform baptisms, marriages, and other Catholic functions? Yes, as long as the conditions of the second marriage are met. In fact, if the second marriage is done in error, the priest or the congregation may not know it until the baptism can’t take place. The excommunication from the priesthood is in effect until the child is baptized.

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