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No. Catholic divorce and the church’s “official” doctrine have been held since the 1950’s to be incompatible with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council (1864), the Magisterium of the Church, and the teachings of God’s Word as the foundation of the Catholic Church. As stated in The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia,

“The church has no right to annul a valid marriage. The doctrine on marriage has a particular meaning. It is the Catholic Church’s view that marriage is indissoluble. In this respect, it must be assumed that if an individual does not regard himself as completely and definitively married, he can always remarry. But he is not entitled to remarry in a way that leads to a break between marriage and family life.”

If a marriage does fall under any of these conditions, an “invalid” marriage must be dissolved by either a priest or civil court (for example, in an annulment). If a divorced person wants to remarry in another jurisdiction, he or she must be petitioned and considered for a civil marriage. Even a civil annulment is not valid, however, even if the spouse remarries elsewhere (for example, outside the country).
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Can a divorced Catholic remarry in another jurisdiction?

Yes, for a variety of reasons, but only if he or she resides and works in the jurisdiction where she or he is petitioning for the annulment.

Can divorced Catholic remarried couple live together together outside of the US?

Yes, if they are married within the jurisdiction where they reside and intend to live together. In some other jurisdictions, the spouse (or spouses) may remain, but the “third spouse” may be divorced and live with the other family members. For example, if a husband wishes to live with another man for his own reasons, he can find this out by discussing the issues with his spouse first, if they are eligible to file for a divorce.

How is it legally possible for divorced Catholic couples to reside and work together abroad?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to legally live together in other countries unless two or three people are physically together. In most of these territories, it is difficult if not impossible for two or three individuals to live together without marrying in the first place, and even if this marriage is not “official” under Church doctrine.

For instance, the spouses of an American couple whose marriage was dissolved

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