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It’s a lot to swallow, but if you feel like it you can get tribal stuff tattooed on you like a tribal tattoo.

This isn’t about “getting rid of” President Trump. We’ve already seen all the signs that, like a dog that’s seen the water and doesn’t know what to do, Trump is a magnet for attention and ridicule from the press. He’s also one of the most unpopular presidents in modern times, with a ratings problem.

So what can be done? It’s an easy one: Put him back in his box. Take away the Twitter stream and the TV news.

That seems to be what some of Trump’s supporters want, and if the President doesn’t know how that works, he shouldn’t take instructions from them. There are thousands of “solutions” already floating in the ether. Here they are:

1) Don’t take off your clothes.

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2) Have him eat raw meat. (Paleos like the health benefits of raw vegan food, like one study found that they had lower blood pressure and heart rates.)

3) Stop tweeting. (Trump’s tweets are like the weather.)

4) Call him back. (They said Obama was born in Kenya.)

5) Get him to wear regular clothes again.
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6) Give him regular hair. (His was long. You can’t just cut it by the roots.)

7) Give his staff access to the Oval Office computer. (No more sharing emails with Trump.)

8) Re-create the White House’s “Sterling Room” — where the press are banned. (Don’t give him his own desk.)

9) Bring back the White House “ballroom.” (That’s what the press always wanted.)

10) Start doing an art project, like, say, “The White House in the Dark.”

11) Make a “cabinet” with each agency doing its own thing. (Think of the Cabinet secretaries that used to be with the President in the White House.)

12) Have the Secret Service put in a few “rabbits” and let them roam the White House grounds.

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13) Go back to the “Great Seal Project.” (The American Revolution started a 30 year process of changing the design of the U.S. and British flags

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