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“No one can say for certain whether Christian believers will abstain from alcohol. However, many would probably abstain if pressed with the question. This is partly due to the fact that alcoholic beverages can be quite damaging to the body, and can lead to many physical and mental ill effects. Alcoholism tends to be much more common in our age group than it was a few decades ago. Also, as Christianity grows less popular, so does its popularity with the general public. The traditional Christian message, however, is largely unchanged. People still hope that Jesus will come soon to save them — and, in many cases today, they will have no choice but to seek him.” 1 Tim. 3:2,3. “A person who drinks heavily has the sin standing out as a badge of shame, because the body is filled with desire for drink. And they drink while boasting about those sins that are contrary to sound mind. And they will seek a way to justify their shameful behavior, so they may appear acceptable to God.” 2 Pet. 2:11,12.

What do you think of the Biblical abstinence laws and the Christian belief in Jesus coming soon to give us all our salvation?

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Militancy: The Struggle for Civil and Economic Freedom in the Post-Communist World . By Richard J. Hohler.

Sun-Tattoo-Ideas-for-Arm.jpg (500×857) | Cool shoulder tattoos ...
New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008. 432. xviii + 304 pp. $28.95 (cloth)

ISBN 978-0-231-93926-6

Publication Date: November 2011

Publication Category: Military History

Price: $28.95

ISBN 10: 12-1013047-1

ISBN 13: 978-12-1013047-1

The Soviet Union went to war with China on April 7, 1979. Over three million soldiers perished, many many of them women and children. While the scale of the deaths and the magnitude of the atrocity is hard to measure, its impact will never be forgotten.

Richard Richard Hohler, who teaches international relations and history at Yale University, is a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, a nonpartisan, Washington-based think tank, focusing on economic and political development. Hohler serves for the past decade on the boards of various research and private foundations. His writing has influenced U.S. policy in Asia and Europe.

A New Generation of Communists in Asia

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