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In India, there is also a new, more inclusive term for a woman who loves her husband — ‘mama chhuna’.

Mumbai-born actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s latest film, ‘Sakshi’, opens Thursday.

On the film’s Twitter page, Bachchan told fans about her love affair with her ‘favorite’ son Rani (24), a well known singer and film actor from Maharashtra.

Bachchan said, “It was so funny to watch Rani cry for the first time in the movie. It was the most emotional moment of my life. The film also gave me goose bumps. Love has become the way to share moments as important as this one. I hope the film will encourage people to love, fight and overcome any obstacles.”

The actress also shared her experience of her son’s first meeting with her, in 2007. “He was so happy! He was with his father and I. He has been such a good son. It was a wonderful experience for us,” she wrote on Instagram.

Bachchan’s love story had previously received acclaim in the past. She said, “It is not that I am a mother who has a child, I do the love. I always know the time, the place and the child’s history. For instance, I like to meet him between his mother and I. I like the idea of love and affection between all parents- I’m an old-school mother- and also when he is old enough to become his own father. I know that’s going to be very difficult for him, I don’t want him to live under any parent.”

However in 2009, she added that as a mother, she always looks for ‘something very good about the child. I have to think about it. A child