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If you’re wondering about the beauty of poppies, check out these interesting facts.

1. Poppies bloom from April to June.

2. Poppies flower every week. Some bloom more than others.

3. Poppies are pollinated by bees. Honeybees are among the most widely distributed insects on Earth. They also make up one-third of all bees.

4. Flowering poppies occur on all continents except Antarctica.

5. Poppies have been around for more than three billion years.

6. Pompadour Poppy is a variation of the classic poppies.

7. Poppies do not need refrigeration – temperatures can rise to as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the flowers’ peak bloom period.

8. Poppies have a “humidity-busting” ability – in cooler weather they can survive in complete darkness. But, warm weather, they must be exposed to the Sun’s UV rays.

9. Poppies are a versatile crop that can be planted just about anywhere. They do best when they have a good soil quality, shade and full sun. They can be produced year-round.

10. Poppies come from the Southwestern United States.

11. Poppies are widely grown at home garden centers in the U.S.

12. Poppies are used in both cooking and as a medicinal tonic. In the U.S., they are also used as a source of vitamins A and D.

“You are not supposed to eat them raw due to potential poisoning from mold – but that does not seem to happen nearly enough.”

— Paul F. Fremer, author of “How to Cook Poppies: 50 Years of Innovation in Vegetable Cooking,” published by New American Library, 2012, P. 25

“Poppies can be a useful addition to any diet with their high nutrition value and low levels of sodium.”

— Mike Smith, “Grow Your Own Poppies”

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