Do lotus flowers grow in mud?

Yes, there are lotus flowers in mud and the flowers that are there are really the most beautiful ones. A lot of these flowers are called “lily of the valley” or “prashanthas” – these kind of flowers are really beautiful and they’re called so because even though they’re very small they are able to attract and protect everything on the ground and there are all kinds of plants there that can take advantage of this and you can pick the flowers and bring them to people and people will get really happy because they are really beautiful.

But the important thing, the thing that we will say after doing the exercise is that we should know the difference between mud and lotus flowers and if we’re doing some mud exercises and we’re doing a lot of mud exercises and if we’re moving around inside the mud the flowers are not there and if we’re doing a lot of mud exercises there are no flowers there and if we don’t do any mud exercises and we’re walking on the path we can really see it and it’s really easy to see that the mud was not the root area of the lotus flowers and we can see that the mud was not the path and if we go the other side of the mud and our path is to walk on the path but not on the mud as there is no mud there then we can see that we just did something wrong and that this wrong thing is that the mind was moving only in the mud (and not around the mud) and the mud was not going back into the mud, it was moving in the wrong direction and it’s the same thing with the lotus flowers. These kinds of things are important and really important – the way how they’re doing things – and they are really like this mud and not the mud but what we can do is really really try to see clearly what’s happening and do an exercise like moving and moving and moving around inside and outside the mud and not doing mud exercises only moving around inside and outside mud.

What does that mean to us in particular? What does our practice mean to us?
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Well, there’s two types of mud and we say that our practice is the mud or the work that we have to do on the path and this mud or the work is called the mud practice and I call this the mud practice because when we speak in the text about the mud, the mud is in the body, it’s the mind, and it’s something that we have to do. When I’m going in the