Do realistic tattoos age well?

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wei_tattoo_designs_11.jpg (717×1024) | Small dragon tattoos ...

About two weeks ago I was looking at a few old photos from my childhood and one I wanted to use was of a young man’s face. I found it was a photo from my mother’s childhood and when I thought I had my look, I took it to my father and we set about trying to replicate a certain style.

But, as everyone is aware, the real way to make a face look like a man is to use more than one hair style – so I decided to use my mother’s hairstyle for a long and flowing one.

Before we get into a proper tutorial, let me just make myself clear. The idea behind this is NOT to make what look like a “womanish boyish man” look like or anything like that. However, I did make a little boy look like a boy with a womanish face. That’s it.

My look was really inspired by a little video on the website of a woman named Tammie Dickson, who does facial art and design in her spare time.

As a result of that inspiration and looking around her site, I thought it would be fun to use this style with different hair styles and the result is…well….it’s an interesting photo.

I tried to work in the hair by wearing them under, or on its side for the hair, while using the hair on its side or by just letting the hair fall loose. After all the styling was done, I used my brush to brush a small amount of texture onto the face, and then used my fingers for some fine hairs, and by just using my hands there are plenty of things you can do and blend with the texture in such a way that it feels like I am being in my mother’s room, and just painting like I do in my picture. All done with a simple brush for my eyes.

I am not a fan of using hairs to make a face look like a face, but there I was using only the tips of my fingers. I’m not sure what this means, though.

Let me know what you think, and if it looks amazing, I’ll put