Does the Bible say not to swear?

It’s a good question that many people have. It’s also one of the most dangerous questions, because it can lead to confusion, misunderstanding, and outright hostility. The truth is, God isn’t going to come down and kick you out of his presence unless YOU want him to. God expects us to live according to His commandments, no matter how you feel about them at this moment. So what we should do, if we find ourselves facing a situation that’s clearly sinful, is get out of there right then and there. And that’s not going to happen. For one thing, swearing is not an absolute rule by itself — it can be changed, and may even be forgiven even at the price of losing everything. Even when you really want God to kick you out of his presence, there’s a high probability that a change in your behavior will make Him forgive your sin, and bring about his blessing. If you’re really tempted to swear, it’s better to ask God for forgiveness first, so that you can move on from shame and shamefulness. If, on the other hand, it’s a sign that you just have to “get it over with” and that’s the one thing God is trying to make you do, then you should not even think about getting out of the situation (although if you get out and your boyfriend has a bad attitude, you may not be getting that far). So that’s not how it works. There’s also a lot of gray area in the Bible regarding swearing, and the answer to it isn’t necessarily “not at all.” To understand all the nuances that have to be worked out before you can fully understand how God wants it done, it’s necessary to begin by looking at a key Bible verse that speaks of the authority of the word of God:
The New International Version Revised (2004) states as follows:
And he gave the sign, which is the testimony that this people whom you have given is the true Israel: Behold, they carry in their hand the sword. Therefore they shall pass through and possess the land to the end of the world. And they, when they have come out of the land to possess the land, shall go back to take up their abode in the desert, since it is desolate and covered with water. But the nations shall remember and shall be ashamed for their god, that they have forsaken him, that they have been blameless in their eyes before him. And they shall be afraid when they see his signs, and they shall be