How do you design a tattoo? – Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs Wrist Men

It can be pretty much anything. You can use the traditional or new tattoo on you. In the old days it was traditional, and with the new, it has become so much more popular. I mean the tattoos are just not being invented or modified anymore. I just think the tattoo has become so popular, it’s like a new design every day. Some guys just want to have a tattoo of my name but I didn’t care about it. But I know it’s just another step of my career.

Photo by Chris Ketchum.

What’s the most difficult tattoo you have ever had?

Well, I get a lot of really hard injuries, and I have one in my left hand, which is my index finger. My hand is actually very sensitive, and the ink just kind of oozes out. So it’s definitely the most difficult one for me. It’s just so delicate in there.

I had one in my ankle on my wedding day, and that didn’t last for more than four hours or something. But I think getting an A-hole tattoo was the best thing I ever did, really. That was an adventure in itself. To get that done on your wedding day was kind of surreal, even if people don’t look at it that way. You have to wear the ring around your finger for the whole day.

Where do you get tattoo ideas?

I love creating in the studio. I like going outside a little more. I love art and writing, and that’s what’s going to bring me into the world of tattoos. I love to create. I’m really not a graphic artist or anything. To go outside and have one of the most graphic tattoos on your body and be able to use it as a weapon is an amazing, empowering thing. It’s just amazing how much fun it is to have a tattoo.

Photo taken by Chris Ketchum.

What was the most difficult aspect of creating your tattoo?
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It’s hard to talk about because it’s been in your heart for a really long time. It’s one of those things in art, the harder you work the more things you will come to realize as you wear it on your body. It’s been a real struggle for me. The hardest part was getting a hole for the middle finger.

It was just so close to being totally busted.

I was on the phone trying to find some advice, and the first thing I thought was

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