How does a tattoo gun work? – Small Forearm Tattoos For Guys With Meaning

Like all high powered technology, all this comes down to chemistry.

It’s made from a chemical called methyl ethyl ketone. The main goal of this gun is to burn the tattoo ink, making it easier to remove without affecting the print.

The way it works

The tattoo gun itself is controlled electronically. An electronics-controlled microchip is strapped onto a tattoo so that the printer automatically prints out the ink.

The gun’s cartridges fire quickly when ignited by the ink and produce a blast of smoke. This vaporising effect is then reflected back at the tattoo artist and the whole procedure starts over again. No time is lost.

The tattoo artist may also choose to use other chemicals to burn at the tattoo or it may simply be left for more intensive treatments.

How long does it take?

The tattoo artist can choose between treatment options that consist of several treatments to burn the ink, or just the one.

It takes between 10 -15 minutes for the tattoo to burn entirely.

When will it be finished?

Tattoo tattoo removal starts in the artist’s bath and lasts for around 20 minutes.

The tattoo gun may only be used a few times before being discarded.

Tattoo removal can be done over and over again.

How about skin regeneration after a tattoo removal?

There are some areas of the body where tattoos could be permanently removed. If such a surgery is to be performed, the tattoo artist should advise the patient to remove the tattoo immediately and get it out of the body immediately.

This would prevent the tattoo from being left undiagnosed long enough to create a problem once the tattoo has been removed. However, if the laser tattoo removal can safely be done on demand, then a tattoo removal can be carried out only during a laser treatment. This allows enough time for a tattoo removal to happen before the laser treatment is required, avoiding the risk of a problem developing if the tattoo is still there.

This procedure may be offered to children, who have the best chance for long-term survival. Children can be in an even better position to deal with the long term side effects of a tattoo removal than adults.

The decision to make any treatment decisions should be taken only after medical evaluation.

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