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A: 6-3.75″. Q. Did you ever think when you were doing it, or you watched, that it’d actually be able to help you and help other people?”

Q. “Yes, you’re right.”

MR. EARNEST: Thank you, Judge.

MR. SCHULTZ: Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Vice Chief Whitehead.

ATTORNEY GENERAL PRICE: Thank you. We do have the State of Maryland. The court will have your position here in front of Judge Roberts. I look forward to your participation in this. But for the first day, we will have your time limited, so I would assume that you would have some time for questions, as well as the State of Maryland.

Q. The attorney general, the State of Maryland will be your official opposition.

A. I am sure my position will be the same as what the Department of Justice made clear in the letter to Judge Roberts. You can find it here, attached hereto and below with the exhibits, but they made very clear that their position was that the executive branch of government has a duty to look after the national security of the United States under the Constitution and laws, which is protected by the First Amendment. And they said that their opinion was that there was no constitutional violation in what Justice Roberts had suggested from his very brief testimony. I do want to ask that because you have got time available after we get through with your questions. And we would also like to have your reaction to the fact that this process has been going on, at least from, I assume, your point of view, and what the process would be. And then we’ll be doing some, we have to take in about an hour, and then maybe we can do questioning. And then at this point I think I should remind everybody that I’m here to represent the Department of Justice. I can tell you that the Department of Justice has a good working relationship with the White House, and we do have ongoing discussions with the executive branch. And so that is what the process would be, and I think the court in the meantime is not part of any process. The court just takes the position that I just laid out, in the sense that the Attorney General has, as I said earlier, a very robust program which was established during the administration of the previous administration. So, I think if they will allow me to summarize for you what that program is about, that would be appropriate

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