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Do we still allow gays and lesbians to become Christians?

The Bible gives more than one answer to God’s will in many areas of life. You should never rely solely on the Bible to answer specific questions related to your situation or circumstances.

For example, it is impossible for a person to know the complete truth or nature of Jesus’s teachings. When they ask you “Is Jesus gay?”, what you are actually asking a Christian is either the belief that Jesus is not gay, or that Jesus is gay. You can only answer for Jesus based on your personal view of Christianity, and you can’t ever say “Jesus was not gay.”

A person who believes the Bible is the “only”, infallible, inspired and infallible Word of God, should never try to answer an unasked question using the Bible. Doing so gives them an opportunity to say Jesus isn’t gay. To claim this is equivalent to someone saying there is no God, or that God is a man, or that Jesus is “just a man-for-themselves,” is ungodly.

There are hundreds of other questions related to the nature of God that aren’t answered in the Bible; if you are a Christian, please don’t ask the same question about Jesus and God. You may then be accused of not being honest or Christian, which you shouldn’t be accused of unless you really know what Jesus really believes.

There are so many unanswerable questions related to the nature of God, that it is no wonder some people don’t have any clue what Christ has to say. It is not fair to force someone to choose between believing the Bible is the most trustworthy book in the history of mankind, and believing Christ is God. Christians should always be ready to answer any question when someone makes that choice for them. Remember, it’s either Jesus or God. It’s not easy to choose Jesus.

When I say that Christians should have no doubt when using the Bible as a source of information about God and Christianity, I am not giving them a “gotcha.” The Bible is a very accurate and detailed book of “truth, which all men may well believe.”

The Bible does not provide the complete truth. As Christian brothers and sisters that live in the 21st century, we must be open to accepting, accepting, accepting the information in the Bible as true. When Jesus said all men are sinners, why didn’t he say that about all men? He didn’t believe that every man

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