Is drinking alcohol a sin Bible verse? – Tattoo Designs On Hand

A drunkard is one who has not obeyed the teaching.

“The apostle had told the Corinthians that the time was fast approaching when they were to be judged. So I asked, ‘Do you see the apostle right now? Is a drunkard there, a man drunk on wine, or a man full of wine? Do you see anything wrong with our fellow-men?’ For we are always with the Apostle during the hour when he has a drinking problem.

“So one of them (the other men who had been following the Apostle as he drank) said to the Apostle, ‘Do you see the drunkard’s face?’ And he answered, ‘Of course not.’

“So he was the first to speak up. ‘Lord, Lord of hosts, do you not see the wine flowing from his body from head to toe?

“Do not forget in whom you put your trust, O Lord. I do not think my faith will stand on its own, with no help from you.’

“And with these words the Apostle said to the other men, ‘You say that the Spirit of the Lord is with me, but how do I know if you are right?’

“Then one of them got up (had gone away) and told me, ‘Lord, Lord of life, here is a drink!

“‘Have I been drunk?’ ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘drink it! For this is the first sign of man’s coming from God, the fact that we drink.’

“Then the apostle said to him, ‘So you have sinned.’

“Then the other man got up, and said to him, ‘Lord, Lord of life, if you are a god, how should I know such a thing?’

“‘Have I ever drunk, or drunk anything like you?’ the apostle replied.

“The other man said to him, ‘My Lord, Lord of life, why have you said that we have drunk? Has your drink not made you drunk? How can I believe what you say?’

“‘If you drink,’ replied the Apostle, ‘even with water, you will not say, Lord, Lord of life, or Lord of the vineyards, that you are drunk’ (Acts 7:51-52). But if you drink a little wine, that is better. For the Apostle has already demonstrated that we cannot be deceived by the deceptive, or that we must be saved by

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