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If Jesus is our Lord, why can’t he be our Savior? If Christ is our God, then why does God allow alcohol to be used in worship? If God is eternal, then why do we still drink alcohol today? Why do some Christians have more trouble accepting Christ than others?
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┬áIf you are a believer and you are reading this, you are a Christian at heart. So much of your life is centered around the life of Christ. If you want to know why, you must turn your back on the culture’s idol worship. Then you will have truly come to understand that there is more to Christ than mere “savior,” “glory,” or “dying”.
We must take the Bible seriously. We must study the Bible. We must be ready to hear it. We must be ready to hear the Holy Spirit. We will understand more by having Christ as our Savior that we did not understand before.

A man’s body found in the woods two years ago near a city of Rockford park was in a trash compactor and had been there a month, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Police also said a woman who lives near the spot searched the trash and found a note in it, which warned someone was going to come, and that the man had a concealed-carry permit.

It was later revealed by the man’s family that the name of the person who came was Richard D. Safford, police said. Investigators later found a number of plastic bags with the man’s body.

“The police report is pretty graphic in depicting how this whole thing came about,” said Robert Spiller, who lives near the location and was a witness to the murder.

Spiller said his family has always lived just a few minutes away from the place where a man was found dead in November 2012. It was his belief the same person was responsible for it.

That man, the man found dead, died of multiple stab wounds, according to police.

Safford and his wife were divorced that same year, according to state records. Police said Safford was wanted on a felony charge for fleeing police, and they said he’d been living with Safford’s then-partner, Tanya M. Heering.

Heering was charged in July 2013 with felony murder. He denied it to reporters, but police said she lied to them. Police did not say if Safford knew Heering.


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