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Do you believe in religious education? No

How do you see the role of the state in education in America? Is there much, or little, government control of education in the U.S.? More, Less,

Did you attend college for an academic degree? Yes, and

Did you use your bachelor’s degree (or higher) as your way of making some extra money? Yes, and I worked for it (as a student, teacher, or administrator)

Did you attend college for a non-academic degree? Yes and

Did you use your university- or college-level degree as your way of making some extra money? Yes, and I did a variety of things while working to earn my degree

Did you work as an independent contractor? Yes

Did you work for more than one payer program? Yes (e.g., in an administrative role)

Which of the above was the case for you? I worked for one or more payers

Did you earn more as a student if you were an independent contractor? Yes (as an independent contractor)

Is there a difference between independent contractors and full-stack workers? No

Are you in a union? No

Do you belong to a bargaining unit, and what is your collective bargaining status? Union

What do you know about collective bargaining? None

Do you belong to a labor union or a group of labor or management organizations? No

Did you join or join with a group because you felt that you had been discriminated against? Yes

Did you leave a workplace to join a labor union? Yes

Tell me about how you felt about your experience with pay and hours in your school, what type of employee they were, and what type of workers they were.

This question and answer are based on responses to the 2015/2016 Common Core State Standards.

HBO has set an August 18, 2017, premiere date for its drama series Boardwalk Empire following an original series order earlier this year from Warner Bros. TV. The drama, from writer and producer Terence Winter and Executive Producer Thomas Schlamme, focuses on the events of Season 3 of the acclaimed series that won two Emmys for Best Drama Series, including Outstanding Drama Series in 2013.

Written by Winter, Boardwalk Empire will center on Jim Garrison (played by J.J. Abrams), a “boardwalk whisperer” and a wealthy Jersey fin

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