Is there an app to design tattoos? – Small Flower Tattoo Designs For Women

I don’t think there’s ever really been a great app. If you’re on a laptop, but with a computer tablet it’s a really difficult one.

Paste: What was your initial inspiration for designing tattoos?

Shannon: I love when I get a tattoo or get a piece of artwork that I like, when it’s a part of me or something that I can hold and talk about, whether it be about something that’s meaningful or in a moment of sadness.

Paste: Have you had to think about or experiment, for how long?

Shannon: I didn’t really have to. It’s just been how it’s always been. I guess it’s what I’ve always been, and I’ve gotten tattooed since I was 11. It’s pretty basic, but I love the idea of being able to be free and do it. I think it’s very freeing and beautiful, and sometimes I need to just be free to be true to myself. I think it’s all I’ve ever wanted to be able to do, and I’d rather just say, “I will give this an opportunity to happen.”

Paste: How did you decide on the color of those black and pink dots?

Shannon: Just random.
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Paste: Is that a way of keeping people in the moment?

Shannon: It’s a really cool way to keep the focus on me, and it helps me keep what’s going on in my head on my mind. It’s the kind of time that I’ve never gotten in my life, and that’s just really cool. To me, it’s about getting into the moment, and being able to enjoy it. People are really quick to start putting pictures up because they want to capture the moment right away. I just want to take in and enjoy it. And the colors are a reflection of that.

Paste: What did you expect when you first started, and when did it occur to you for the project to be on this site at all, to give it a name?

Shannon: It came to me quite naturally. And I’ve had a really long run where I’ve been involved quite a bit in creating people’s art, and there were times where I was doing it for a day in a park, or I didn’t get a full day in.

Paste: What was the inspiration and how the project grew from there?

Shannon: So

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