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I designed the Tattoo app and design studio. With the right tools and inspiration I can do something more than design a photo, design a tattoo, a tattoo template or tattoo design. With tattoos you can design something completely different, a very personal one. I can also offer custom tattooing and design services in my studio or through social media platforms.

Where can I learn more about my studio and what clients and clients of mine have said?

My studio is based in Prague and in July 2013 we launched my tattoo design shop at the airport of Prague. We are a new tattoo studio in Prague and are ready to welcome new clients.

Contact: web:

Email: [email protected]

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Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and the federal government’s response to that is to continue criminalizing it, the U.S. Justice Department said Friday.

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In a statement to The Associated Press, the Department of Justice said it has no plans to change the status quo on marijuana because in the absence of any action by the Obama administration, people “should look to states to legalize.”

However, the DOJ did add that the federal government is “unaware” that states are already moving in the direction of legalization.

President Barack Obama has said his administration will give states more leeway to legalize marijuana — and has signaled a willingness to allow people to possess up to 1 ounce of the drug for medical purposes.

Obama last year reiterated the federal government’s opposition to recreational marijuana, saying: “If a state is not doing it right, then federal law requires that we leave it the way it is.” The White House’s policy remains that federal law forbids marijuana, and it hasn’t legalized it for any purpose.

This week’s announcement of federal prosecution of a growing, medical marijuana company adds to the growing list of instances in which the federal government has targeted the industry, which advocates say has served millions of people around the country.

In 2012, Colorado’s Department of Revenue began shutting down businesses for refusing to comply with state-mandated taxes on sales of medical marijuana — a program the Obama administration endorsed and which has served hundreds of thousands of people in that state who are sick and need medical marijuana.

“At best, this

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