Is tribal tattoos out of style?

This is a great question. What has changed in the last few decades is that tribal tattoos have become more popular. Not everybody is a fan of tribal tattoos because they’re either “cheesy” or just don’t look right on the face of a person of the same race. I personally don’t mind them because it’s a bit funny and people who are into the tattoo culture are always looking for new and exciting tattoos. Some people also don’t like the term gangsta because it paints too dark a picture of what a gang is. People who want tattoos tend to get them on the lower face, lower chin, or on the lower lip because of the “gang” angle.

So, what do tattoos and the tribal concept mean to you personally?

In 2014, we made a list of top 100 U.S. cities for craft beer, featuring a mix of those that had “cannabismol” or a “crafty” label, and those that we feel fell short of this level. Our top 100 lists (which we still think are the best in the nation) are based on an annual survey that was done by the Brewers Association, an industry association aimed at increasing beer consumption in the U.S. Our latest lists come from January 2014 and the results have now been updated with 2014 statistics from the Brewers Association’s annual report. (Check out our 2014 list to see why. )

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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly five years since our list was made. It’s the year since breweries nationwide started putting the craft beer and craft-friendly label together and, in fact, at the end of last year, the Brewers Association reported nearly 2,400 craft breweries had opened since the release of the crafty label in 2010 — nearly 10 percent of them in just the last five years. The craft beer industry is still so young, though. It will continue its rapid growth in coming years, and for now, it seems like the “crafty” label is working. In the list of 100, we are celebrating craft beer’s growth in 2014, and I would argue this is the most fun part (we’ll be back with our 2015 rankings in the fall). I was delighted to see three of our craftiest locales on the list (Cedarwood’s Brewery and Taproom, Austin Beerworks and Stone’s Victory), and I’d even go as far as to say I enjoy my beer like that a