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Many Muslims don’t realize these sins exist in Islam. Many people in general do not, so they continue to believe they have not committed any sin.

This is because Muslims often give some false information about the various sins of Islam, such as:

– that Allah committed all the sins of the world

– that He has made the life of a Muslim to be an eternal life

– that Muslims have never committed a sin

– that Mohammed is Allah’s son and that all of Mohammed’s actions were accepted by Allah

– that Muhammad cannot be blamed for the sins of his community

I would hope that you have some basic understanding of the main points here and that you feel more comfortable with the following points:

A person cannot be forgiven for “sin” if Allah can only forgive someone for a sin, such as murder, adultery, theft or blasphemy.

To be “in the right” means that you have done an act or committed a transgression that can not or should not be condoned.

Someone who cannot “in the right” on any issue can become “wretched” by doing so, i.e., one who is so sinful that everyone on Earth, including Muslims, can never judge him as such.

The only person who can forgive a person for any sin or wrongdoing is Allah, the Creator of the Universe.

Islam is not a religion of forgiveness, as most Muslims mistakenly believe. However, there is a special attribute in Islam that makes it very important that every person understands:

– forgiveness of sins is not a prerequisite in Islam.

A person commits a sin with conviction and conviction is a must. However, if he doesn’t have conviction it can still lead to his committing further sins such as sexual indiscretion, lying and even murder.

In Islam all sins and wrongdoing have a limit:

1. A man cannot commit any sin that can lead to death unless he dies.

2. A man cannot be killed unless he is a criminal or a threat to anybody.

3. A man cannot become a thief unless he is in possession of one of the four things mentioned in the verse: Allah’s money, his wife, his children or a slave.
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4. A man cannot be killed unless a child of his (not his real father) is found crying with him on the spot (an excuse to take his life).

5. The person committing the first

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