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For men, there’s the black and tan classic. I think it really comes down to the type, what do you want to do with it? I think it comes down to the people you’re with. If you’re with really strong characters, if you can really get to know them and like them, there’s no issue. For some, tattoos may be a little out of the ordinary.

There’s one boy from Brazil that said, he said he wanted to have the tattoo and I said, yeah! and he said, “Yes, OK, I’ll do it.” and I said, “You can have it, but it is not the right kind.” I went and got the tattoo done on my forearm: “This” [the tattoo] says: “M.O.V.E.,” which means “My Ovulation Virus.”

What are you looking forward to most this season?

I’m really looking forward to the new season. I’d like to get to do a little bit of that, be like, do the new episodes again, and go into one or two episodes before season 10, but obviously I’d prefer to be the one doing the show again. I’d appreciate the opportunity to go to work for someone in another city, but not in Miami, where I live. It would be nice to be able to get up out of the comfort zone where I’m kind of a recluse and just do my job. And get to get back to doing it the way I’ve always done it. I think there is something really special about Miami where everybody’s there, not just a few hundred, some people over 10,000, and every week there’s a different show. I think Miami has a great cast, but also it’s a very creative place you can do things.

You also recently moved to Miami. What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m going to get to be in Miami again a lot more. I’m going to stay here until I’m 40, so I’ve got a lot of time. I’ve heard things, but I think people know I’m not going anywhere very soon.

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This is no way to treat an honor student. @NHLSays

If the University of Minnesota Duluth hockey team fails to achieve its goals after the start of the season, it will be time to look in the mirror and acknowledge a failure in leadership and self-sacrifice.

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