What defines a traditional tattoo?

Well there are 3 things that defines and defined a Traditional tattoo.
Small-Colorful-Mountains-Tattoo-On-Forearm.jpg (667×1000 ...

1. The image of a “man in the sun.”

2. The image of “a dragon”

3. The image of “cursed”

The man in the sun tattoo is the most important tattoo in any tattoo shop and should be on every customer’s chest and back. The tattoosman will be the most enthusiastic about the tattoo’s design. The dragon tattoo is more popular and is usually on the backs of the customer’s arms or chest where people hang out. However, most tattoo shops in Japan will not take a dragon tattoo as a tattoo.

There are three kinds of “Man in the Sun” tattoos. The first is when a man in the sun is depicted with no clothes or a white shirt. The second is when the tattoo is depicted in reverse, a man with no shirt is depicted with the traditional tattoo of “sun.” The third is when a man in the sun is depicted in clothing and a white shirt. The third kind is a rare sight as most tattooists in Japan are not trained enough to understand this kind of tattoo and often do not understand the meaning. Therefore, this part of the tattoo will be omitted. The most common form of this type is when the tattoo is drawn from two sides, like a “sun-beam” like one of the drawings below.

One of the common “Man In the Sun” tattoos on women is called the “tattoo”. This type of tattoo is not as popular as the other two. When the man in the sun is depicted with a tattoo on his chest or back, the tattoo is done with either the top or the top of his breast. It is quite rare for the tattoo to be done on the side, like the drawing below.

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