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Is it something that’s poisonous? Why should we be afraid? Do we need to be cautious with this flower?”

Even though it was her husband’s wish, she took a few steps backward with regret and her eyes still closed. At the place where the two flowers collided, a small hole was formed.

At the moment, a sound made by a monster was heard.

It seems like the man’s pet, which had already fled from that place, had found another place. However, the smell of death was still lingering in the air.

And now… the young woman was still alone.

“How long is it until you’ve woken up?”

“I don’t think so!”

In his mind, the young woman was still sleeping. However, he couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.

Even though it was probably impossible, maybe the enemy didn’t want to face his wife while she was sleeping.

“I’m awake. What do you want to do?”

“You’ve got no choice, we must rush to the scene of the crime!”

He couldn’t help but be worried. He was concerned that if the woman woke up, things would be the same.

The young man stood up and walked toward the woman he had seen yesterday. But…

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“Hey! What are you doing to her!”

“I’m sorry for putting you in this position!”

“You’re the one who should be apologetic!”

With a smile, he ran away from the man’s anger. He had no choice but to get to a place where he could see the crime scene with his own eyes. So this was the spot where the crime occurred.

“Don’t look back! This isn’t your home at all!”

Even when they thought they were safe, that woman suddenly screamed in pain. Looking in the direction she screamed, he noticed a girl standing over her.

“Uuh-, what the?!”

He was in a daze of awe at the woman who was still holding on to her clothes.

“Ahh… you’re dead?!”

“You’re dead!? Why?! That woman is the culprit!”

“I know what happened just now. How can I not have noticed it!?”

The only person who could be the villain.

His own son was the culprit behind the murder.

“Then what did

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