What does the Catholic Church say about cremation? – Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs Hibiscus Flower

The Catholic Church teaches us that cremation is, in fact, part of the Christian faith. However it is not taught in the same way as the Catholic Church teaches:

How many cremations do you think there are at this point?

There’s almost a thousand cemeteries in the U.S. alone, but that figure may have been inaccurate: There are about 100,000 cemeteries in Canada. So even if all of those cemeteries were cremations, I doubt that they would have enough corpses to fill all of them with ash or dirt and leave them uncollected for years without being collected and burnt. When it comes to cemeteries, there aren’t enough cemeteries—so people aren’t cremated there.

The Catholic church doesn’t teach that people should be cremated.

I’ll give you a brief rundown. When cremation was introduced in the Middle Ages, the Catholic church said the intention was to honor the deceased in such a manner as to preserve his or her soul. When the use of ashes was reintroduced in the 18th Century in Christian Europe, the Catholic Church, as well as other Christian faiths, began advocating for it. But as time went on, the idea of separating the body from the ashes fell out of favor, but they’re still seen as part of cremation.

So if you’re Catholic and feel like you don’t really want a full-on body-in-cemetery process, maybe a cremation might feel right to you.

How much of a donation is required?

Not much at all. The church does not say that you should donate as much as you can to the cause.

Where can I find a Catholic cremation service?

The church doesn’t say that you should give everything you can to the cause, nor does the Catholic Church make it a requirement. The Catholic Church did start to encourage contributions when cremation was first becoming popular, and I’d imagine that was around the time you learned that it was available for funerals. There are several online Catholic cremation websites: The Catholic Crematory Service is well-written and informative regarding the cremation, but I strongly encourage you to learn about it yourself if you are not a member of the catholic church. They may have a list of cremation services that you may find helpful, but you’ll need to search for the services in your area, but be smart;

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