What does the Catholic Church say about cremation? – Small Tattoo Designs For Arms

Yes. From the earliest times the Church has always regarded cremation as a legitimate and legitimate alternative to burial.

However, it was not until the 16th century that this became the official Church position. For centuries it was generally taught that the body of the deceased would be taken home to the family to lie in state. This also applies to the relatives of those dead who had been buried but were brought to life again after a period of time as well.

Since the 16th century, the Church has taught that the body should be brought to the cemetery in a manner that is dignified before any person has a chance to have a proper view of it. Also the corpse must remain in the burial ground, and neither the Church nor the relatives should see it. There are circumstances where it is lawful and appropriate to dispose of remains of the deceased in this manner. The Church does prohibit this, particularly when it comes to cremation.

The Church has always taught that it is wrong for a person to bring home a body that is dead. However, this has not changed to any significant extent in the intervening 100 years.

Can I make a memorial to my deceased?

No. It is possible to make a memorial in a chapel, church or at a cemetery, but it must be by no means an actual memorial to your departed relative. No one may make memorial arrangements for the dead who are unburied, including those who are exhumed.

Can I send my ashes to my deceased parent?

No. You may not send ashes to your deceased parent.

Can I send ashes to my mother or father?


Can I give ashes to my children?

Yes. You may make a memorial for your children, especially if they are no longer alive. But you do not have the right to give to other adults or children.

Can a child be buried with their mother or father?


Is it permissible for an employee to make an official memorial for deceased relatives (such as a funeral director) who may be legally deceased?

According to Canon Law no. 3157, it is permissible, not to say obligatory, for an employee in the religious sector, as a representative of the Holy See, to make a memorial for a deceased relative. However, no such request has been made and nothing more has ever been done. If your relative is dead, then you are legally dead as far as this is

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