What does the Catholic Church say about cremation? – Smart Tattoo Designs

A casket or coffins will not be covered with a shroud. They are only for viewing and will be covered by a veil. The body of the casket in a Catholic funeral is buried at the end of the day and covered with a veil.

The body should be buried close to the church.

Doesn’t the church discourage cremation?

No, cremation is not discouraged in the Catholic Church. In fact, cremation is considered a “God-given” option and is recommended most of all on certain occasions, such as in the case of the Virgin Mary, Mary’s son, who was interred in a Catholic casket.

Can a Catholic who is unable to pay for cremation be buried in the church with the body?

No. A Catholic should be buried with the body.

How can I make arrangements for care of my loved one after death?

The family can work cooperatively with the church to create such arrangements. This can include the family hiring a funeral home, funeral director or cremation facility to assist in the funeral arrangements. The funeral home and cemetery are then responsible for care and burial after death. A funeral home or funeral director can set a funeral home fee in advance, and the family can negotiate a larger fee.

The family can also contact a Catholic funeral home that offers in-service planning for families, including cremation. The cost of this service is determined by a number of factors, including the nature and size of the plot, the location of the funeral home and the family’s needs.

Do Catholic funeral homes offer cremation?

At present, Catholic funeral homes in Florida, like all funeral homes in Florida as well, cannot offer cremation services. However, as a result of state laws changing through the Florida legislature in 2004, the Catholic Church is authorized by the Florida state government to provide cremation service for certain Catholic religious bodies. Catholic mortuaries will begin providing cremating services to some of those bodies in 2014. There is no set fee for cremation services, nor is there an application process. The cost of cremation remains fixed for all families who receive a funeral as the cost of a funeral depends on the size of the burial plot.

An additional fee is charged for those who request cremation to be done at the church if the family is planning to have their loved one cremated at the church. The funeral home should contact the appropriate family to negotiate a set fee for crem

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