What does the Catholic Church say about cremation?

The Catholic Church teaches that in heaven someone will be receiving cremation service.

Does the Catholic Church condone cremation? No, the Church does not condone cremation. However, the Church does not condemn cremation for reasons other than the grave reasons that I’ve listed.

What about cremation when an individual has not been formally cremated? The Church does not condemn cremation where an individual has not been cremated. In the case of an accidental cremation, there may be grounds for the individual to demand a full funeral memorialized in the church’s burial regulations.

Is there a difference between cremation in an ordinary case and a cremation in a case of personal disaster and a need of the deceased’s family? No, cremation in a case of personal disaster and an “unforeseen circumstance” is allowed under local church burial regulations.

Will cremation be allowed after a person’s death and prior to an individual’s request? In the case of family members, the family may choose to accept the ashes of the deceased. The family can also opt for cremation after the individual’s death and prior to an individual’s request. However, in all other cases, family members must request cremation. For example, when someone dies in a car crash and his body is buried in ground water, the family is required to request cremation.

Are there any restrictions surrounding cremation for certain individuals? There are no specific restrictions.

Will cremation be allowed in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs? No, cremation is not allowed to relieve the suffering caused by alcohol or drugs.

Will cremation be allowed for any of the following: a person’s death due to natural causes such as a heart attack, stroke, or lung disease; a person who is suffering from cancer; someone who has been sexually assaulted; a person who has died as the result of a natural disaster; and an individual who has a long illness.

Will cremation be allowed during a funeral if the person is not a family member or close friend? No, cremation is not allowed for any of the following.

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An individual who has died in a car accident and there are children involved

What happens to the ashes in cremation cases? Since the Church prohibits using ashes for any purpose, ashes must either be disposed of by a funeral home or given to a religious organization. The ashes are then buried by the family. In some cases, the