What does the Malu mean?

Malū means a male pig in Hinduism. A malu is a small, dirty pig.

It is used in various ways and has many more meanings. Here are just a few:

Dharam, as in “This one is malu.” This is what Hinduism considers your “mother.” A cow is considered your “father” because it is your mother, and you are your father. So, this one is a mother.

A woman is called Malu because Malu means mother, and a woman is a “mullu.” Mullu is the name of a goat, and a man is a “chauka mullu.” Chauka is usually used to describe the genitals of a man, and a man is a mullu.

A child is called “kuchh” which means to “make,” or “to be made.” So this mule is a “kuchh.” There is nothing more to say about this one, just that it is made.

This is another one that uses kuchh or malu, and the meaning behind it is “make something.” If you look at the word “malu” at the end of a word like “dharam” it means to “set off.” So I have a pig made. It cannot hurt its master.

This pig is called Malu. It is very dirty. Its fur is dark. You will notice that its nostrils are black. Its fur is very coarse. Its eyes are black. Its mouth is black. These are all features of a male pig. So this is Malu. It will die.

There is something called “shatravi.” This means a pig is “shatravi.” It is very dirty, very dark. Look on a pig’s foot and you will see that on one of its toes a little yellow thing is sticking out. This is what the word “shatravi” means. The pig has a yellow tail. So this is a pig that has yellow tail. And the word here is shatravi, not sarveshi—which means “having a yellow tail.”

This pig will die. Here is is very dirty pig. The coat is covered with small black spots, but the eyes are brown. Look at its ears. He has a very long nose. Look at the hair on the pig and you will just see black hairs on its head. These are