What does the swallow tattoo mean? – Path Tattoo

It is to represent the heart of the world.

The Heart of the WORLD = The earth, sea, land, sky, the sun

The swallow is the first born.

It is to be protected and nurtured by its parents

It is to live a good life.

This, is to always remember your family

Remember it that you have a family!

This is what all our family means to each and every one of us!

The swallow tattoo has been created using a black wax paste that has been made from the ashes of the ashes of the sun.

It is now being used as a tattoo on babies, for children to have the same love as the family of the swallow.

The swallow is the most ancient and most sacred beast known to all. It is often depicted as a flying cock or an eagle.

It has many different names;

The swallow is a mythical beast.

It is connected to our family.

The swallow has wings,

It has a voice.

One in the family!

This swallow is so important to all of us.

As the name of our family is the swallow!

When you see our family sign,

It means so very much!

See now, the sign that each of our family sign,

is to keep the memory of our family.

When you see the family with your family sign,

You also make a wish.

To make the sun and the moon shine.

This is called the wish!

Each family sign represents a family family!

We have all been created together!

It is no different!

Each family is just a small sign,

that represents our family family!

I like the fact that my family has a swallow tattoo on its back.

The swallow is a great symbol of the earth.

This swallow represents our family.

Please, sign here and let you know!

The swallow tattoo has three layers and each layer represents something different.

The first layer symbolises our family, family love.

The second and third layers represent our friends family.

This tattoo is so beautiful. When I first saw this tattoo, my husband and I wanted to have one each.

The swallow tattoo was born.

My husband wanted to have it, as did I.

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