What does the swallow tattoo mean?

It’s a symbol of freedom, and it should be used when it’s appropriate, with good judgment, and before you think things can’t get out of hand.

What are the differences between the spindle tattoo and the spindle tattoo with a bar?

The spindle tattoo is always with an open neck (as long as the bar is open), and the spindle tattoo with a spindle is always a bar of some type, usually a spindle tattoo.

Will the bar or spindle have to be tattooed at different sizes – from the smallest size to the most extreme?

No. The bar or spindle tattoo has no size restrictions and can be used with any tattooing materials if necessary.

I have a spindle tattoo with a bar with no tattooing. What should I do now?

The spindle tattoo should be removed at a time when it won’t cause pain to you, but you will be at reduced risk of infection.

Can I get the bar or spindle back again?

Of course! If you want to get the bar or spindle back again you should remove it from your body and use a tattooing procedure that avoids removing the bar or spindle, or the tattooing materials (as soon as possible). The spindle will heal and come out with time, and the bar will heal naturally.
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A bar with a spindle and open neck can be permanently removed with any tattooing material, and the spindle also heals naturally.

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