What foods does the Bible say not to eat? – Tattoo Designsmom Dad

Q. Is it forbidden to eat eggs?

A. The Bible does not prohibit eating any food. However, it does prohibit most forms of animal fat (e.g. butter, lard, etc.). The Bible also prohibits eating certain foods as part of a single food group and does not allow meat from animals killed in other parts of the year, or milk products from animals that produce the milk within one year and are not consumed within the same two-year period. (Exodus 19:9-15) The Bible also prohibits the eating of the flesh and blood of cackling, spitting or roaring wolves (Numbers 14:4,10-13) and all other animals with fangs or claws besides those of domestic animals. (Deuteronomy 14:5-6 & 15) Animals slaughtered in other regions of the world, such as camels and hippos, were not specifically forbidden for consumption by Scripture, but this does not necessarily mean that they were unadulterated by animals killed in other parts of the world.

Q. Is it forbidden to eat shellfish?

A. When a single food group such as shellfish is listed separately, only those foods or foods specified to be off limits do not constitute a forbidden food. This means:

• Fish (such as shellfish)

• Crustaceans

• Crustaceans

• Crustaceans

• Crustaceans

• Other foods that are not listed individually because they are not specifically prohibited for any group listed

Q. What is the difference between “eaten with,” “eaten with fat” and “eaten with milk” in terms of the prohibition against eating shellfish and other dairy foods?

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