What foods does the Bible say not to eat?

The foods that the Bible warns you not to eat include: The following are recommended foods that you should not eat:


Animal fat containing saturated fats


Eggs (excluding free-range eggs)

All types of fish

Beet and peanut products



Fruits and vegetables

Grapes, honey, almonds, chia and other seeds


Cottage cheese

Liver and other organ meats

Sulfite-free meats, such as sausage and chicken

Canned soups and fish sauces

Dried meats

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Sugars and starches that are high in trans fats


Flaxseed, safflower, pumpkin seeds, sunflower and other seeds

Dried fruits

Canned fruit juice

Sugars that contain added fructose

Sugar-containing foods: white bread, white rice, sugar-sweetened beverages

Egg whites

Low-fat and reduced fat dairy products


Alcoholic beverages, including alcoholic soda

Foods for Dogs

For the first couple of weeks of life, puppies should be restricted from certain foods that their parent’s did not eat because these foods can pose a serious risk for a dog’s health. Here are some foods that can harm a puppy’s health:

Bacteria-contaminated dog food

Biotics, probiotics and supplements

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Foods such as:

Pasteurized egg yolks

Alkaline foods such as milk and yogurt

Alcohol, including beer, wine, sake and whiskey

Eggs and milk

Canned foods

Soy products from animal farms

Dietary supplements

Sugars and starches for dogs

Foods that contain trans fats:

Lemons and juice products

Seeds and nuts


Food that is fortified with vitamins and minerals such as:

Milk powder

Whey isolate

Soy formulas or bars

Beverages such as red and white wine, beer, or water

Liver products

Fruit products such as citrus juices or apples

Low-fat and reduced fat dairy products

Meat products like bacon or sausage