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A glyph symbol is a visual representation of a numeric value (known as a number or token) that is displayed to provide a visual clue when a player is not sure about what value they have selected.

If the player is not sure about the value of a number, they display a glyph symbol (typically red or yellow) to indicate that the player is unsure which value is being displayed.

In English, the most commonly used glyph symbols are ‘1’ (for “one”) and ‘a’ (for “at”). See How to Display a Number for more on how to display and interpret number symbols.

What do I use when I want to use a glyph symbol.

To use a glyph symbol for a number, you need a font that supports it, like the Glyphsymbols font that ships with Word. (See More: Fonts Available for My Office Products page.) Most Common Glyphs can also be used with Fonts available for My Office products.

Here are some examples of glyph symbols, to help you get started:

For numbers, ‘0’ is the basic number glyph. Other numbers (eg ‘a’ for at).

For numbers, ‘1’, ‘a’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’ are standard. More commonly used are ‘1a’, ‘2a’ and ‘3a’. (‘x’ stands for ‘other’.)

For numbers, ‘4’, ‘6’, ‘8’, ‘9’, ‘a’ and ‘B’ (for ‘by’), ‘C’ (for ‘through’) and ‘z’ (for ‘zero’).

For percentages, both ‘%’ and ‘3%) are used. A fraction, of course, is a different type of number.

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percentages, ’10’, ’60’, ’80’, ‘100’ are used. (See more.)

For percentages, ‘3.5’, ‘4.9’, ‘6.1’, ‘7.5’, ‘9.4’, ‘10.2’ are used.

In more advanced settings, you may wish to use more advanced glyphs instead of the ones shown on this page: Using Glyph Symbols. See Also: Font Properties for How to Change the Appearance of Your Font or Create Your Own.

Do I need to include other font characters?

No. There

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