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It is to prevent the penetration of a child by her husband. This applies only to the male, and in a very few cases it also applies to the female. Haram includes not only intercourse between women [but] intercourse with the male or female of another gender. This is one of the most serious of the seven prohibitions of sex. [In my book on this subject “A Woman’s Guide to Muslim Marriage”]

It follows that for a married Muslim woman to engage in sexual relations with a non-Muslim man, it is not for her to be a shirk, but, rather, is a duty she should fulfill. However, to be honest I think the only thing the non-Muslim man is doing is making her feel very uncomfortable, he is being sexually aggressive in this way.

This is of course something that has no place in the true Islamic life. Islam is not about sexual perversions in relationships or sexual abuse. Islam is about the religion and the life of a soul, where the soul desires to live and the body strives for the well-being of that individual.

For a Muslim woman for whom the life of her soul is paramount, she should always try and avoid non-Muslim men, just as she would a non-Muslim man she knew. Even if it turns out that the man is a Muslim, his marriage with her will still be a duty.

There could be cases, particularly in the family, where some young girl is in a relationship with a non-Muslim boy, as she will be an easy victim, for a child, at times, to be exploited. However, if we consider the situation from the perspective of the relationship between a soul and its imaan, then if her soul wants to be an Islamic bridegroom, she will always be a shirk.

Now to return to our earlier question on haram and shirk. The question, of course, is “Is it acceptable for a virgin woman to have sex, because she is a virgin?” As this is an issue that has been raised and discussed on the Internet in a variety of different forums and on blogs, let us address what the answer might be.

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The first thing to understand in this case is that in the eyes of Islam, a person is considered a virgin if he or she is not yet ready to bear children. There is the question of what the definition of “abstinence” is for a Muslim woman. Is he or she actually abstaining,

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